Allison Gilbert, LMFT - Marriage & Family Therapist


Phone Counseling FAQ's


How do I set up an appointment?

Contact Allison by CLICKING HERE or by phone or email

  (831) 425-4475 or [email protected]


When I call, what can I expect to happen?

  1. You will reach Allison's voice mail.  She will generally will be able to return your call the same business day.
  2. If phone counseling is appropriate for you, you'll schedule an appointment for your first session.
  3. For your first and subsequent sessions, she will call you at your appointment time.


How can phone counseling be as effective as meeting with my therapist, face-to-face?

Phone counseling allows people to focus exclusively on what is being said without any distractions. If you have children at home, it's important that you have someone else there who can meet their needs while you are on the phone. Sometimes that means getting a babysitter. Sometimes it can be a video depending on the child's age and personality. If you are able to get the time to just focus on the therapy, you may find that the privacy and anonymity of working over the phone increases a feeling of safety in the counseling relationship. Some find it easier to focus without distractions and others find it simply more convenient. To learn more, the links below provide articles that support the efficacy of Phone Counseling:


How many sessions should I expect to have?
This can vary, and is something you can decide on. Allison's intention is to help people get what they need from therapy as quickly as their circumstances allow. Some people find they get what they need out of just one session. Some find it more useful to do two, three, or as many as eight sessions. Others may want to do more. Again, this will be up to you.


What are the costs?
Allison has a standard fee and a sliding scale.  She can be flexible with the cost of this service, and can discuss this during your initial consult. 


How is payment made?
You can pay for your session, up to one hour in advance, through PayPal. If needed, Allison will be happy to help you through this simple process. It is highly secure, and PayPal allows you to use most major credit cards.

Will my insurance cover Phone Counseling?

Some insurance carriers do reimburse for phone counseling, some do not.  Please contact your insurance company for coverage limits.  If you wish to use your insurance, Allison will collect the fee and send you a super-bill which you can then send to your insurance company so that they will send the reimbursement to you.

What if my insurance company does not cover Phone Counseling?
You may find the convenience and effectiveness of phone counseling is worth the investment. It's like working with a personal trainer to enhance your body's fitness. Working with a therapist can do the same for your life. This is a decision only you can make.

If you are not local to Santa Cruz or Los Gatos and insurance reimbursement is a concern for you, Allison Gilbert will encourage you to seek counseling with a licensed therapist in your area.  If you aren't in the Bay Area and your insurance doesn't cover phone counseling and you still wish to use it, give Allison a call or email her or CLICK HERE and you can set an in-office appointment.